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Palantir screenshots in the wild: Swing Sightings

Palantir ScreenshotPalantir ScreenshotPalantir Screenshot Palantir Screenshot: dashboardPalantir Screenshot: right_clickPalantir Screenshot: timeline_viewerPalantir Screenshot: flowsPalantir Screenshot: graph_explorerPalantir Screenshot: histogram

We recently had a visit from some distinguished guests. Chris Campbell, a member of the Java 2D Team at Sun, came to see demonstrations of the Palantir products. We were very pleased and flattered by his positive reactions to the work that we’ve done.On the basis of that visit, we were added to the Java Desktop community site as a Swing Sighting Preview and merited a mention on Romain Guy’s blog: Another Pretty Java Application.We’re excited to present this series of screenshots as the first public unveiling of the Palantir applications. On a technical note: everything you see in these screenshots is from live, running applications. The applications are entirely written in Java and the GUIs are composed of custom Swing components.After the jump: bigger thumbnails with a description of each screenshot. You can click above or below to see the full resolution screenshots. 

Instrument Explorer

Palantir Screenshot

The instrument explorer uses filtering mechanisms to drill down to subsets of the financial universe of interest. Note that the filters themselves act as views on the dataset.

UI Elements Montage

Palantir Screenshot

A montage of UI elements from Palantir Finance.

Regression Modelling

Palantir Screenshot: dynamic_group

Advanced statistical packages capable of regression modelling operate on top of the intuitive object framework

The Dashboard

Palantir Screenshot: dashboard

The Dashboard exists as a one-stop-shop for summary information on markets and the world.

Graph Explorer: Circular Context Menu

Palantir Screenshot: right_click

The circular context menu in the Graph Explorer reveals a multi-level hierarchy of actions to perform nodes selected on the graph.

Timeline Viewer

Palantir Screenshot: timeline_viewer

The Timeline Viewer enables the visualization of events on a timeline using intuitive filtering mechanisms. Note that the viewer interacts with the graph by fading out the nodes not included in the current temporal filters.

Graph Explorer: Resource Flow

Palantir Screenshot: flows

In this single frame of an animated view we see the visualization of resources flowing between entities on the graph. In the live application, the directionality of movements are clearly rendered as movement on the graph. Note that flows can be thresholded to only show transactions above a certain size.

Graph Explorer

Palantir Screenshot: graph_explorer

The Graph Explorer visualizes relationships between entities, events, and documents. At higher zoom levels, details appear on each edge to call out the nature of the one or more relationships the edge represents.

Graph Explorer: Histogram

Palantir Screenshot: histogram

The Histogram allows quick summarization and selection by common attributes for sets of nodes that appear in the Graph Explorer or other views.

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