Palantir Supports all Languages, including Elvish

Due to demand from our international clients, one of the many features we have developed in our upcoming 2.4 release of Palantir Government is the ability to localize the Palantir Workspace in any language. While we have supported data and ontologies in any languages for years, the 2.4 Internationalization Project enables us to support menus, text, and buttons in any language. Furthermore, a client can have Workspaces of multiple languages all running on the same Palantir server. For example, an organization in Afghanistan could have users with English, Dari, Pashto, French, and Spanish Workspaces all collaborating and sharing knowledge.

As with all of our new features, we are extremely rigorous in our quality assurance process and testing efforts of Internationalization. We seek to test the new capabilities above and beyond what we see in the field, just as an aeronautical design firm will test the strength of an airframe well beyond the published limits. To assure that we can work with any language (and because we’re super geeky people), we use Elvish in our testing. If we can handle mythical languages, we can certainly support languages of all 28 NATO partners, Middle Eastern languages, Asian languages, Esperanto, etc…

Below are a few screenshots of an Elvish Palantir Workspace.