Sharing Information to Support Haiti Relief Efforts

Palantir Technologies is contributing to the Haiti relief effort by providing a public instance of Palantir to enable aid organizations to easily access and share vital data.  One of the many challenges these organizations face is gaining awareness about the situation on the ground, including locations of heavily damaged infrastructure, people in greatest need of medical attention, and the availability of food and water. Using Palantir, aid organizations will be able to maximize their cooperation, situational awareness, and knowledge base. Organizations interested in contributing data to the relief effort should contact us (

Download the WMV (56 MB)

In this video, we can see how Palantir integrates a data set containing information about structural damage to Haiti, allowing aid to be directed to areas with the greatest need. We also see Palantir overlaying onto a map of the country a real-time feed in which people request and offer help.