GovCon Australia-New Zealand

GovCon Australia-New Zealand, Palantir’s first GovCon in the Southern Hemisphere, was a tremendous success! Thank you to all who attended; we hope you enjoyed the day’s presentations and discussions.


Welcome And Introduction Dr. Alex Karp, CEO and Co-founder, Palantir

Sir David Veness Sir David Veness, CBE, QPM, Fmr. United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security

Sir David Veness served as Under-Secretary-General of the UN Department of Safety and Security from its creation in 2005 until June 2009. This role carries responsibility for UN operations globally. Prior to this appointment, he was Assistant Commissioner (Specialist Operations) New Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom from 1994-2005. He joined London’s Metropolitan Police as a cadet in 1964 and as a constable in 1966. In the course of his police career he specialised in crisis management, serious crime investigations, hostage negotiation and counter-terrorism. Sir David was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, UK (MA, LLM) and attended the Royal College of Defence Studies 1990. Sir David was awarded Queen’s Police Medal in 1994, appointed CBE in 2000, and was Knighted in 2004.

Palantir 101 Trae Stephens, Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir

For those who are completely new to the Palantir Platform or could simply use a refresher, this talk will start from scratch and provide a broad overview of Palantir’s origins and mission. A live demonstration of the product will help to familiarise newcomers with Palantir’s intuitive graphical interface and revolutionary analytical functionality while highlighting the major engineering innovations that make it all possible.

Palantir As Enterprise Infrastructure Shyam Sankar, Director of Business Development, Palantir

Palantir meets the end-to-end infrastructure requirements of the modern intelligence organisation, providing the critical foundation for the next generation of technology and capabilities. This session will highlight how Palantir’s deep experience in the intelligence community can be leveraged in your organisation.

Palantir Phoenix - Handling Massive Data Scale Ted Mabrey, Embedded Analyst, Palantir

Corporations and intelligence organisations grapple with enormous amounts of data to find meaningful insights. Whether Cyber, Call Data Records or otherwise, analysts find themselves drowning in diverse, ever expanding datasets. This presentation will cover Palantir’s revolutionary Phoenix backend technology, which empowers analysts to conduct investigations across the fusion of cyber, transactional, and contextual data to build a comprehensive picture of illicit activities.

Palantir Mobile - Design And Implementation For Operational Support Timothy Ronan, Forward Deployed Engineer, Palantir

Palantir Mobile is the latest leap forward in Palantir’s continuous innovation. Built entirely on Palantir’s open APIs, Palantir Mobile brings the power of the Palantir Platform to users in the field. Palantir Mobile enables unprecedented collaboration between mobile and base users through Blue Force Tracking, seamless data collection, and real-time exchange of information. Palantir Mobile started as a “hack week” project codenamed Prism, built by just four engineers in a week. It has grown and improved based on extensive feedback from customers and operators who are experts in the field. This presentation will discuss the ongoing development of Palantir Mobile and how it is being used to solve very difficult problems.

Enabling Data Privacy And Protection With Technology In The Wake Of The Lisbon Treaty Bryan Cunningham, Senior Counsel and Advisory Board Member, Palantir John Grant, Information Security and Privacy Lawyer, Palantir

Data Privacy and Civil Liberties expert Bryan Cunningham and Civil Liberties Engineer John Grant will discuss how Palantir’s next generation off-the-shelf data privacy and civil liberties protection makes possible dramatically enhanced data privacy protections to help enforce new and future treaty obligations, laws and regulations to protect the fundamental right to data privacy. These revolutionary new protections enable analysts, operators and law enforcement officers to improve their ability to succeed in their vital missions while simultaneously reducing the risk that privacy concerns will result in elected officials, oversight bodies or the media curtailing vital mission activities.

Friction In The Machine: How Fluid Processes Allow Optimal Human-Computer Interaction Asher Sinensky, Forward Deployed Engineer

It is well understood that humans and computers have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to solving problems. But what happens when they need to work together? Is computational power, human ingenuity or some mix of the two the key factor in arriving at the most efficient solution? This talk will explore a surprising example from the world of chess that helps to explain why Palantir chooses to build software in the way it does.