Introducing Palantir's first open source releases

We’re big fans of open source. Libraries from Apache, Google, and various projects hosted on make up a significant fraction of the third-party code we use to build our products.

We’re proud to be making our first set of open source releases with these two projects: Cinch and Sysmon.

We think it’s the right thing to do, to add our voice to the chorus of developers making software available to freely use, modify, and distribute. These two projects represent our first dip into the open source water—we’re just getting started. As time and other interests allow, we’ll be making other projects available to the dev community.

We’ve chosen the Apache License, Version 2.0 to make our contributions as free from encumberance as possible—our hope is that many people will find them useful and build on top of them just as we have with our own software.

The Projects


Cinch makes MVC in Swing easy

Cinch is a Java library for simplifying certain types of GUI code. When developing Swing applications it’s easy to fall into the trap of not separating out Models and Controllers. It’s all too easy to just store the state of that boolean in the checkbox itself, or that String in the JTextField. The design goal behind Cinch was to make it easier to apply MVC than to not by reducing much of the typical Swing friction and boilerplate. Cinch uses Java annotations to reflectively wire up Models, Views, and Controllers.

Already in heavy use inside the Palantir Government product, Cinch changes GUI development in Java to be similar to iOS and OS X’s Cocoa, where annotations are used to bind controls to fields.


A lightweight platform monitoring tool for Java VMs

Sysmon is a lightweight platform monitoring tool. It was designed to gather performance data (CPU, disks, network, etc.) from the host running the Java VM. This data is gathered, packaged, and published via Java Management Extensions (JMX) for access using the JMX APIs and standard tools (such as jconsole). Sysmon can be run as a standalone daemon or as a library to add platform monitoring to any application.

Originally built as component in our Palantir cluster monitoring server, this project should be helpful in scenarios where you need to get data off a host platform and into a VM.

Let us know how we’re doing

We’d love to hear from you on how we’re doing. Aside from the normal outlets to communicate about the projects themselves (see the mailing lists and issue trackers for each project), please feel free to email me directly, Ari Gesher, as the curator of these projects.