Palantir Hack Week 2012

Hack Week is a hallowed tradition at Palantir, a time when all scheduled work stops and our engineers spend a week exploring new ideas, playing with different technologies, and building something from the ground up. People from across the company form ad-hoc teams and scramble to complete projects in one week of frenzied coding. In the video above, we take a quick look at Hack Week 2012.

For a lot of engineers at Palantir, Hack Week is the best holiday of the year. It’s an event that showcases the best parts about working here. Experimenting with side projects is encouraged year-round, but Hack Week is a special time during which we place particular emphasis on creativity and novel thinking. At the end of the week, teams present their projects to a panel of judges who determine a winning team, but Hack Week presentations aren’t about competition. They are celebrations of our engineering culture and a unique opportunity for everyone at Palantir to see the creativity and passion of our engineers expressed in the form of new, inventive ideas about where we could take our technology next. Many important parts of our platforms started as Hack Week projects, including Horizon, Palantir Mobile, and the Map Application

Hack Week exemplifies the kind of immediate impact that an engineer can have by working at Palantir. Building on top of an existing platform with help from people across the organization makes it possible to produce dramatic results and usable features in a short amount of time.