Panel features Palantir Women on Working in Tech

On November 13, Pooja Sankar, CEO of Piazza, an online Q&A platform used by students and teachers, sat down with four women at Palantir to discuss their experiences working in technology. Originally broadcasted live to students in Piazza’s network, the panelists spoke about their roles at Palantir and how they’ve navigated the ups and downs of working at a rapidly growing company in a fast-paced industry. Sankar not only moderated the panel, but shared a bit of her own experience as a former graduate student, new mother, and CEO.

If you’re grappling with the decision between pursuing a graduate degree or working in industry, or wondering how much gender balance in the workplace can affect work day-to-day, check out the video to hear the panelists’ thoughts and opinions.

Panelists included:

  • Dana Kleinerman, Tech Writer: Dana graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in Math, a Master’s in Computer Science, and went on to complete a Post Baccalaureate program at The University of Pennsylvania studying advanced sciences. As a technical writer at Palantir, Dana has found a way to combine her background in Computer Science with her passion for writing.
  • Danielle Kramer, Software Engineer: Danielle earned her degree in computer science and cognitive science at Carnegie Mellon University, where she researched machine learning and served as a teaching assistant for Great Theoretical Ideas of Computer Science and Principles of Programming. She is a software engineering lead on Palantir’s Infrastructure team, which is responsible for storing, searching, scaling, and sharing the data that powers Palantir Gotham.
  • Ashling Loh-Doyle, Designer: Ashling graduated from Stanford University in 2010 with degrees in Economics and Studio Art, and found it impossible to resist the world of tech. She spent her first two years at Palantir as a graphic and product designer, and is currently building the company’s Identity team, which is responsible for internal and external communication.
  • Yael Schraeger, Product Navigator: Yael earned her Bachelors of Science at Stanford in Symbolic Systems (with a minor in dance!), and completed her PhD at UC San Diego. She is a product management lead at Palantir, where she works with Engineering and Business Development to decide the direction of the company’s software product.

Are you a woman currently pursing a degree in a technical field? Know someone who is? Encourage her to check out Palantir’s Scholarship for Women in Tech.