GovConUK II Presentations Now Available

In late May, we held GovConUK II at the Renaissance St. Pancras Hotel in London. The event highlighted our expanding global footprint and the technical advances we’ve made since our first conference in the UK two years ago.

Returning GovCon presenter, Sgt. Pete Jackson, demonstrated how Palantir Gotham’s capabilities are used at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. CEO and co-founder of Team Rubicon, Jake Wood, told the story of an unlikely partnership between an organization of volunteer veterans and a bunch of nerds. Over the course of the day, Palantir engineers shared their perspectives on different data problems, and demonstrated how Palantir’s products can be deployed against these problems to achieve extraordinary outcomes at the organizations where we work. Attendees saw how Palantir Gotham can help organizations prevent, detect, and harden their defenses against cyber attacks, and how Palantir Metropolis can enable analysts and decision makers to detect insider threats within their organizations.

For those of you who are interested in the content of the conference, some of the presentations are now available on YouTube.

GovConUK II Presentations

Palantir 101 Arlo Guneratne Bryer, Embedded Analyst, Palantir

For those who are completely new to Palantir or could simply use a refresher, this talk starts from scratch and provides a broad overview of Palantir’s origins and mission. A live demonstration of Palantir Gotham helps to familiarise newcomers with the product’s intuitive user interface and revolutionary analytical functionality, while highlighting the major engineering innovations that make it all possible.

Technical Challenges at the Enterprise and the future of the Palantir Platform Bob McGrew, Director of Engineering, Palantir

Palantir continues to push boundaries at the enterprise and with this come exciting new product features. This talk covers three major enterprise environments and the technological advancements that they motivated. In the commercial security enterprise space, we have tackled massive data scale and low signal within these data. In the armed forces enterprise, we have addressed the challenges around geographical separation of groups who must work together with Nexus Peering, which continues to enable secure data sharing in ways that were not possible before. Lastly, in the Intelligence Community enterprise, we are supporting unprecedented user scale by ensuring platform resilience and availability and also by building a web-based version of our application that is easily accessible and usable.

Prepare, Detect, Respond, and Harden: Palantir Cyber in Action Melody Hildebrandt and Sean Hunter, Palantir

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, so too does the scale of data collected that could inform organizations that are most at risk. This presentation covers how Palantir Gotham helps institutions across different industries handle petabytes of data, protect their most sensitive information, detect both internal and external threats, respond quickly to attacks, and harden themselves against future cyber attacks.

A Story of Accidental, World-Changing Collaboration Jacob Wood, CEO Team Rubicon

Palantir donated its software and the expertise of its Philanthropy Engineering team to Team Rubicon to provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Sandy last Winter. Hear how Team Rubicon, a non-profit relief organization that dispatches volunteers from its network of nearly 5,000 military veterans, is using Palantir Gotham and Palantir Mobile to revolutionize disaster relief by responding quickly and efficiently after natural disasters strike.

Humans, Data, and the Culture of Too Much Information Michael Lopp, Palantir

“Big Data” is a phrase that is often used, but poorly defined. This talk explores the history and emergence of “Big Data,” how humans have responded to the rapid, exponential growth of data, and why nerds are uniquely capable of turning it into useful information.

Leveraging OSINT: Introducing Palantir Torch Quentin Spencer-Harper and Ben Duffield, Palantir

Recent years have seen an explosion in the volume of social media data produced on the Internet. As the use of social media expands, in aggregate, it can provide access to critical information in real-time. In this presentation, we demonstrate Palantir Torch, which integrates billions of tweets at sub-minute latency to quickly discover trending conversations, understand their content, and visualise their evolution over time.

Palantir on the Beat: The Technology that Empowers Law Enforcement Mitch Beard and Javier Campanini, Palantir

Palantir engineers explain the technology that powers Palantir law enforcement deployments. Learn how police agencies leverage Palantir Gotham for emergency call response, criminal analysis of large data, and case management.

Pursuing the Mission While Protecting Privacy: Not a Zero-Sum Game John Grant and Bryan Cunningham, Palantir

This presentation discusses how Palantir’s baked in privacy and civil liberties protective capabilities can be used to facilitate compliance with data protection requirements common throughout the U.K. and Europe. These capabilities can be useful both to the government agencies analysing the data and the private sector service providers retaining and sharing the data, and they can be applied to the data protection needs of any Palantir customer. Palantir’s Privacy and Civil Liberties team uses the proposed Communications Data bill as context for a discussion of how Palantir Gotham supports rigorous data protection policies.