Team Rubicon: using Palantir to improve disaster recovery

Team Rubicon’s William Gauntner uses Palantir Mobile client to provide immediate data to relief agencies in tornado-ravaged Oklahoma.

Time’s Nation blog just published a piece describing the work of Team Rubicon in Moore, Oklahoma in the wake of the powerful tornado that created a swath of devastation on May 20, 2013. Entitled, “How Vets and Military Technology Are Helping at Home,” the piece focuses on the work that the volunteers of Team Rubicon, many of them veterans, perform in doing disaster recovery operations. We’re honored to aid Team Rubicon in their absolutely essential mission of helping communities put themselves back together when natural disasters strike.

On Time’s Nation blog, “How Vets and Military Technology Are Helping at Home” describes Team Rubicon’s disaster response work in the wake of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.

From the piece:

Team Rubicon is currently testing a mobile platform that could dramatically improve disaster response.

Gauntner and his team are assessing properties using an Android smartphone loaded with software from Palantir Technologies, a Silicon Valley data analysis startup. Palantir partnered with Team Rubicon last year, fielding devices for volunteers in New York City after Hurricane Sandy, again in Illinois after the flooding this spring, and now in Oklahoma following two devastating tornadoes.

Together, Palantir and Team Rubicon are testing and improving Palantir Mobile. Using an Android smartphone, Team Rubicon volunteers provide critical knowledge about damaged areas in real-time by submitting the information to a central database.

Delivering advanced information management capabilities to disaster response operations continues to be a primary focus of our Philanthropy Engineering team. Our deployment to Moore, Oklahoma was the fourth in our partnership with Team Rubicon, which began with supporting their recovery operations in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Along with a mobile client for disaster reporting, we provide a desktop client for rich, interactive analysis that is used at the base of operations to coordinate with volunteers in the field and to manage the overall recovery effort. We’re honored to aid Team Rubicon in their mission to help communities put themselves back together after natural disasters strike.