Palantir Product Design Says Hello!

In the past year our product design team has added over a dozen amazing designers with a mix of skills spanning interaction design, information architecture, visual design, and user research. Together, we have the privilege of addressing incredibly challenging design problems in support of world-changing missions. Sometimes we focus on refining an existing platform, while at other times we’re leading the exploration of entirely new products and domains. We apply our user-centered design process to many types of problems, from helping detectives re-imagine their criminal cases to recognizing and responding to cyber attacks.

Because we don’t make downloadable consumer products, relatively few people beyond our enterprise customers get to interact directly with our work. This makes it hard for people unfamiliar with Palantir to get a concrete idea of what we do. In the coming months, we’ll be providing more insight into product design at Palantir. We will share thoughts on design thinking, culture, the challenges we face, and the role product designers play in helping our customers solve their most important problems.

In our next post we’ll get into the details of our Code33 design architecture, which is setting the stage for all our web products. Stay tuned!