New Office for NCMEC, New Possibilities

We officially welcomed our long-time partner The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to Palo Alto last Thursday. Since 1984, NCMEC has worked tirelessly to protect children throughout the country from abduction and exploitation. It is a mission that we are extremely proud to support by donating our software and engineering expertise.

Though NCMEC maintains a regional southern California office, a local presence in Silicon Valley will further boost their efforts to work closely with the technology industry. A formidable technological response is required to stay ahead of child predators and track down missing and exploited children. Palantir has been assisting NCMEC in this regard since 2010, and their new proximity will make this partnership even more beneficial and productive.

NCMEC’s new Palo Alto office.

With Palantir, NCMEC analysts can make sense of large volumes of dispersed data and draw connections to help law enforcement fight the abduction and sexual exploitation of children. Sources such as internal NCMEC databases, case reports, public records, open source data, websites, social media, maps, images, videos, can all contribute clues that can help bring children to safety. By integrating these databases into one place, analysts can search and investigate the data in minutes or seconds. This frees up time to do more work and provide greater assistance to law enforcement. Learn more about how NCMEC is using Palantir in the video below.

NCMEC’s new location will help yield more success stories, like the case of a 17-year old girl who was reported missing and potentially involved in child sex trafficking. Through various searches, a NCMEC analyst was able to find multiple posts online that advertised this missing child for sex. Through information in the ads, the analyst was able to tie them to other posts from the same pimp. The analysis included more than 50 advertisements, 9 different females, and a trail that covered 5 different states. A link analysis graph was created using Palantir that allowed law enforcement to easily see the large scope of the ring. This insight helped law enforcement link the pimp to a multitude of other crimes and other girls that he victimized.

With NCMEC now firmly planted in Palo Alto, we encourage other tech firms to support NCMEC’s life-saving work. We are incredibly proud and inspired to work with NCMEC, and welcome them to the Valley.

To learn more about our work with NCMEC, download the latest Impact Study.