Going International with the Palantir Council of Advisors on Privacy and Civil Liberties

In 2012, our PCL team assembled the Palantir Council of Advisors on Privacy and Civil Liberties (PCAP), a body of experts in the privacy and civil liberties field who help us understand and address the complex privacy and civil liberties issues that arise in the course of building a sophisticated data analytics platform. The group continues to meet on a regular basis to discuss an ever-growing array of topics and provide invaluable advice to assist Palantir in enhancing the privacy and civil liberties protections built into our powerful analytic platforms.

In light of our growth in international markets and the general globalization of privacy, civil liberties, data protection, and human rights issues, the PCAP has decided to expand to add four new members who will bring more international expertise to the discussions. We are pleased to welcome the following new members to the PCAP:

  • Alex Deane – Currently the Head of Public Affairs at Weber Shandwick, Alex was also the founding Director of Big Brother Watch, a prominent U.K. civil liberties advocacy organization.
  • Sylvain Metille – Head of the Technology and Privacy practice at BCCC Attorneys-at-law LLC in Switzerland, where he specializes in data protection and surveillance issues.
  • Omer Tene – Vice President of Research and Education at the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Managing Director of Tene & Associates, and Deputy Dean of the College of Management School of Law, Rishon Le Zion, Israel, Omer is also a senior fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum.
  • Nico van Eijk – Professor of Media and Telecommunications Law and the Director of the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, Nico has written extensively on a number of highly technical topics.

The PCAP is looking forward to interesting new perspectives and valuable contributions from our new members.