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Beyond the Cloud: Project Horizon

Project Horizon, developed as a Palantir Hack Day project on top of the Palantir platform, empowers analysts to start with their entire ecosystem of data (literally billions of rows of data), and iteratively pare the data down to discover the proverbial needle in the haystack at the speed of thought (discover the unknown unknowns). Project Horizon is part of Palantir’s approach for big data: rapid, interactive analysis of datasets that contain billions of records. User interface response times in this video are unedited; Horizon really is processing all half billion objects interactively on about $5,000 of commodity hardware!

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Analyzing Australia's Public Sphere Initiative

Governments worldwide are starting to leverage web technologies to improve communication between government and the public. This video demonstrates how Palantir can be used to analyze public forum data such as blog feeds and tweets. In this case, Palantir follows ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Senator Kate Lundy’s Public Sphere initiative in an effort to understand how public opinion can contribute to state policy.

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Multi-Level Security

One of the great challenges of the modern intelligence community is that of Multi-Level security. Multi-Level security refers to a security environment where users with wide ranging access permissions are simultaneously working with data with wide ranging access controls. The paradox of secure collaboration is that the greater the security control, the greater the possibility for analytical collaboration.

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Finding a Mole: Cyber Counter Intelligence

This video demonstrates the Palantir platform’s cyber analysis capabilities, specifically investigating a notional case of an Embassy employee exfiltrating classified information to an outside organization. This investigation combines network traffic data, routing information, proximity card, or badge swipe events, social network data, and video surveillance to uncover the suspect employee through statistical, temporal, geospatial, and other visual analysis.

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