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Using Palantir to implement the TARP

We talk often with our contacts in finance and intelligence, and an increasingly common subject is the U.S. Government’s Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP — part of the Treasury Department). Our friends see the large problems facing the TARP and the Federal Reserve, and have been asking how our technology can help. Some of the [...]

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Not all terrorist organizations are rootless groups engaging only in international terrorism. Many terrorist groups are socially intertwined with the local population, highly territorialized and directly compete for governance.Terrorist groups such as the IRA, Hamas, Mahdi Army, Sendero Luminoso and Hezbollah are past and present examples of a socially intertwined terrorist organization. These groups present [...]

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Analysis of Al Qa’ida Foreign Fighters in Iraq

Analysis of The Sinjar Records In October 2007, U.S. and coalition ground troops raided an Al-Qa’ida safe house near the city of Sinjar along the Syrian border of Iraq. They found a treasure trove of biographical sketches of nearly 700 foreign fighters in Iraq. Palantir was used by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point [...]

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Application Platform – SNA and Map

In our 2.0 release, Palantir takes the concept of Enterprise solutions to the next level with its customizable Application Platform. The Platform allows organizations to extend their experience with distinct user applications. Organizations can embed applications within Palantir, running the application as if it were a pre-existing package in the Application Platform. For an enterprise [...]

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