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Using Palantir to Explore Prescription Drug Safety

Drug safety is a serious concern in the United States with adverse drug events contributing to over 770,000 injuries and deaths per year. Cost estimates range from $1.5 to $5.6 billion annually. The FDA closely monitors these adverse events and releases communications and advisories depending on the severity and frequency of the events. The FDA released such a communication regarding the drug Simvastatin in June 2011. Simvastatin, which is used to treat hyperlidemia, is one of the most heavily prescribed medications in the world, and nearly 100 million prescriptions were written for patients in 2010.

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Palantir as a Program Management Platform: Examining Hurricane Katrina Acquisition Spending Data

Hurricane Katrina caused 1,833 deaths and $108 billion in damage, making it the deadliest and costliest hurricane in American history. When a collection of federal, state, and local agencies converged to respond to the crisis, they found they lacked analytic tools capable of tracking and responding to the dramatic volume and scope of relief needs as they developed.

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Biometric Analysis in Palantir

Discover how analysts supporting the II Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan’s Regional Command-Southwest are utilizing Palantir to analyze massive amounts of forensic and biometric data. Palantir’s dynamic ontology along with intuitive front-end import and search around features allow analysts to quickly find connections in massive amounts of data.

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