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C4ADS and the Odessa Network: Understanding Illicit Networks Using Palantir Gotham

C4ADS has been in the spotlight lately. A front-page story in a recent Sunday edition of the Washington Post highlighted the D.C.-based organization’s data-driven research into illicit networks trafficking weapons and other goods throughout various conflict zones. Over the past year, their research into enablers of conflict has led them on a path of analysis from illegal shipments of [...]

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Discussing technology and atrocity prevention in Tanzania

Our Philanthropy Engineering team is proud to support a number of non-profits that are working to prevent atrocities. Our partners are contributing to real-time early warning and prevention of violence against civilians, using open source data-driven analysis to identify those financing and otherwise enabling atrocities, and helping to tell the story of mass atrocities occurring [...]

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Elbow Licking in Sudan: The Spread and Decline of Mass Unrest in Summer 2012

Disputes between Sudan and newly independent South Sudan led to a halt in oil production in early 2012, bringing an economic crisis to both countries. On June 16, Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and his National Congress Party imposed austerity measures, including the withdrawal of wheat and fuel subsidies. Demonstrations against the regime broke out at [...]

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