Product Quality Engineer, Internship

Being a member of Palantir's Engineering department is an experience unlike any other. Our home is a true startup: the intersection between efficiency and ingenuity where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact.

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Palantir Product Quality Engineers (PQEs) work on our cross-functional Product teams to ensure successful, high quality product releases. This means that they do whatever is needed to deliver our products to people who need them the most. PQEs identify areas for improvement and take ownership of enhancement projects. We are looking for energetic, highly motivated, and detail-oriented engineers with strong software skills to fill this role.

PQEs focus on the entire suite of Palantir products, from applications for data visualization to our cutting-edge web components library. As a PQE, you will drive customer outcomes by iterating closely with engineers across the business to ensure a high-quality user experience for Palantir products. You will triage engineering issues, design features to address customer use cases, evaluate the quality of these features with manual and automated testing, and debug software problems.

PQEs are technical generalists who can ramp up on new projects quickly, effectively evaluate the state of a given product, and make multifaceted contributions to the codebase to guarantee best-in-class software solutions for our customers.


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