Full Stack Software Engineer Internship

Being a member of Palantir's Engineering department is an experience unlike any other. Our home is a true startup: the intersection between efficiency and ingenuity where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact.

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What we do:

Our engineers are involved in all parts of the product lifecycle: brainstorming, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping. We brainstorm to understand and explore the difficult problem spaces we tackle, and work with our talented design team to come up with solutions for the hardest problems we discover (product, visual, and technical). We code (there is lots of coding), and finally, ship and own products that directly impact the world.

Our work:

We’ve built a web-based mapping interface that handles millions of data points dynamically displayed on the map at once.

We’ve created mobile software to help victims of the devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. The relief teams on the ground needed features that weren’t yet out of the development stage, and engineers across the country pulled an all-nighter to get the software deployed as soon as the hurricane hit. Because of our work, disaster relief teams were able to increase the number of damage sites they could track by tenfold in a single day.

We’ve built a tool to process large sets of data conflicts among different Palantir use cases with a UI that allows non-technical users to easily identify the root cause of thousands of conflicts and effectively sync data across multiple servers.

Technologies we use:

What we value:

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