Recruiting Coordinator

The focus of the Recruiting team remains squarely centered on the well-being of our colleagues and their future growth. By delivering the best quality of service we can to them, we ensure their ability to deliver that same quality to the rest of the world. And in demonstrating that quality, we attract new members to the family, day by day.

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As a Recruiting Coordinator at Palantir, you will work closely with our Hiring Managers and Recruiters to ensure a positive interview experience for all candidates. We’re looking for someone who is smart, resourceful, and who thrives under intense pressure. This position will rely heavily on your superb ability to manage multiple and competing priorities in a hectic environment. You will be part of a team that is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing on a broad recruiting strategy, with an emphasis on efficiency and overall value generation (i.e. hiring awesome people!).



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