Palantir is a place where designers spend their days working on problems that matter. In our short history, we’ve empowered scientists monitoring the environment, prevented the spread of disease, taken down human trafficking networks, helped homeowners avoid foreclosure, prevented fraud in Medicare, and helped governments save billions.

Sound exciting? We think so.


The Palantir Design team is responsible for creating the human experience of using our software, as well as the execution of our brand. We design everything from user interfaces, to immersive experiences in our buildings and events, all the way down to awesome illustrated teeshirts we’re famous for.

We help to achieve connection and understanding. Our users must create knowledge from data in our software, potential customers and candidates need to understand and relate to the story of our company and the awesome work we do, and its our job to help tell these stories.

We believe that everyone should have access to excellence in design — utility and beauty — in whatever form it takes. Designers are highly valued in the company for our vision, our ability to learn and adapt, and our creativity and inventiveness. We’re growing rapidly, yet focused on creating a tight-knit group of people that enjoy each other’s company in an atmosphere that fosters trust, integrity, empathy, and growth.


Communication Designers create the brand touchpoints that connect us to our fellow employees, our customers, the media, and the world. We are a team of Graphic Designers, Motion Designers, and Web Designers. We’re the authors of visual systems for branding, marketing, presentations, and events. We create infographics that help people understand data, diagrams that explain our technology, and illustrations that tell our most important stories.

As a great Communication Designer, you exhibit stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and know how to balance beauty, clarity, and legibility. You have deep experience from prepress to pixels, and posses a supreme eye for detail in color, typesetting, and layout. You have a strong sense of spacing and rhythm, and you love paragraphs as much as you love symbols and letters.


Excellent communication skills. You have a proven ability to build great relationships, and convey and debate design rationale. You are the person that others can’t wait to collaborate with.

Empathy, not ego. We strive to understand our audience, and develop programs and assets that meet their needs.

A love of technology. Palantir is an engineering company, and we get to work with (and have to help explain) complex and powerful technological concepts and many kinds of audiences.

A highly iterative design process. We move fast, we listen, and we adapt. We rapidly incorporate feedback, and we relentlessly collaborate. You must be adept at giving and receiving critiques.

A mastery of tools. We move with ease across software and fidelity, depending on the task at hand. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Keynote — and good old-fashioned pencil and paper.


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