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Financial Analyst

It takes an engineering mindset, a ton of hard work, and a healthy dose of outside-the-box, creative thinking at all levels to build something as cool as Palantir. We help teams tailor solutions that are best for Palantir, then we execute with precision.

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The Financial Analytics team at Palantir is a combination of engineers, entrepreneurs, and finance geeks, brought together by our passion for solving complex problems, building innovative models, and supporting data-driven transparency. The questions we ask evolve as quickly as our company grows, so what works today always needs to work better and smarter tomorrow. Our small team is full of creative self-starters, and we tackle unstructured problems every day with a lot of independence. Our roles are flexible and tailored to our superpowers; we analyze data using whatever program and method will generate the best results. Everything in our workplace is designed to let us rock a project from start to finish with no red tape to hold us back. This team resembles the rest of Palantir, not anything you’ll find in traditional corporate finance.

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