Site Reliability Engineer

Being a member of Palantir's Engineering department is an experience unlike any other. Our home is a true startup: the intersection between efficiency and ingenuity where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact.

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Palantir software is deployed at the world’s most critical institutions to help them solve their greatest challenges. Users at customer sites from Washington, DC to Tokyo rely on Palantir’s high availability to pursue their missions. Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) make sure our expanding number of customer deployments run smoothly 24 hours a day.

SREs monitor and maintain Palantir systems to pre-empt problems before they ever threaten our customers’ workflows. SREs combine engineering experience and an innate drive to improve existing systems and processes with the creativity to develop novel solutions to evolving challenges. Our team strives to automate processes whenever possible, using whatever tools are best for the job. Our responsibilities range from administering collocated servers (including hardware troubleshooting) to maintaining database platforms.

We work with a variety of teams to understand threats to our software and improve our products over time. We work side by side with Palantir’s implementation teams and customer IT departments to understand our customers’ unique problems and develop innovative solutions. We document our successes and communicate them back to Palantir’s product teams to advance the way our hardware, software, and network solutions are deployed to minimize failure rates and increase overall system reliability.



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