Mission Operations

Business Intelligence Researcher

As part of Palantir's Mission Operations, we leave our egos at the door to provide lightning-fast, organized and effective support where the business needs it most. Our team consists of both technical and non-technical individuals sharing a common commitment to hard work, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service while providing behind-the-scenes execution at the highest level.

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Business intelligence researchers at Palantir are the information hounds who make strategic business decisions possible. The projects they tackle are diverse in both business vertical and scope. On any given day they might be asked to provide an industry analysis report for Palantir’s healthcare vertical, support competitive intelligence efforts for our commercial teams, assist the outreach team in identifying valuable connections within the Palantir network, or help product design evaluate features for a new solution. Palantir’s research analysts are flexible and have the ability to think creatively across diverse areas of the business.

Palantir’s Research Analysts are skillful writers with business savvy. They understand and can anticipate the unasked questions of the business development stakeholders. They deliver clear, meaningful reports using a comprehensive research methodology often within tight deadlines. Their conclusions go beyond the obvious and are attributed to quality sources. The business intelligence team holds themselves to high standards and consistently strives to anticipate and meet the needs of individuals, the business development team, and the company as a whole.



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