Mission Operations

Site Reliability Ops

As part of Palantir's Mission Operations, we leave our egos at the door to provide lightning-fast, organized and effective support where the business needs it most. Our team consists of both technical and non-technical individuals sharing a common commitment to hard work, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service while providing behind-the-scenes execution at the highest level.

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Are you a unique combination of highly-focused problem-solver and highly-adaptable service professional? Are you able to follow direction from one side while taking initiative on the other? In any unclear or confusing situations, do you immediately see the path to making it orderly and organized, and perform best when under pressure?

Then we have an exciting opportunity for you. The ideal fit will be a fast-moving individual who helps to build and organize Palantir deployments. They will take responsibility for supporting our newest contracts both operationally and technically, and ensure our standards of execution remain at absolute peak. They will become experts on the Palantir platform, able to provide on-the-ground support for it. They may be focused on one deployment, or working on many, and will constantly communicate with both customers and Palantir team members, as well as travel to customer sites.




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