Mission Operations

Linux Site Engineer

As part of Palantir's Mission Operations, we leave our egos at the door to provide lightning-fast, organized and effective support where the business needs it most. Our team consists of both technical and non-technical individuals sharing a common commitment to hard work, attention to detail, and impeccable customer service while providing behind-the-scenes execution at the highest level.

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The Site Reliability Tech Ops (SRT) is the technical backbone of a Palantir deployment, allowing analyst and engineering resources to do what they do best: solve world-changing problems. We cover the technical aspects of site reliability, doing whatever's necessary to ensure things run smoothly and changes are implemented efficiently and with precision. SRTs are the customer's first point of contact for technical questions and concerns; we work hard to provide answers and solutions, and only escalate when absolutely necessary. We're the first-responders when problems arise, and proactively implement solutions to avoid recurrence. We strive for perfection in insulating our deployments against technical pitfalls, and have a boots-on-the-ground, ego-free approach to everything we do.




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