Application Security Engineer

We provide the comfort of a safe workplace without sacrificing our culture.Diversity in talent keeps us running. Our team has engineers, analysts and people who do just a little bit of everything. The unifying philosophy:Safeguarding Palantir's future without impeding its present. When the job is done right, no one knows we did it at all.

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Our Information Security (Infosec) Team is responsible for the security of Palantir's people, infrastructure, and customer deployments around the globe. Infosec Engineers are highly motivated team players with a dedication to security and technology. They thrive on solving problems and tackling new challenges.

As an Application Security Engineer, you'll work with engineering teams across Palantir to establish and improve the security of Palantir’s entire suite of products at every step of the development lifecycle. You will act as both a builder, creating tools to help our engineers write more secure code, and a breaker, performing penetration tests of internally developed applications.




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