Finance and Accounting

Finance Operations Analyst, New Grad

It takes an engineering mindset, a ton of hard work, and a healthy dose of outside-the-box, creative thinking at all levels to build something as cool as Palantir. We help teams tailor solutions that are best for Palantir, then we execute with precision.

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Finance Operations Analysts are working hard to build the financial infrastructure of Palantir Technologies. This means that we are constantly building new financial models, systems, procedures and analyses that will scale with Palantir's exponential growth. Fin-Ops Analysts are jack-of-all-trades. Our team has a vast skillset and is comprised of Financial Analysts, Accountants, Tax Gurus, Database Whizzes, Domestic and International Payroll Experts, and Expense Analysts. Our wide range of skills allows us to tackle any problem regardless of where it lies.

As a Fin-Ops Analyst you will hit the ground running-learning new skills every day as you experience life in a dynamic, high-growth, unstructured environment. Fin-Ops Analysts need to know the ins and outs of every financial system and process at Palantir. Newcomers will learn everything they need to know about the organization from the ground up through a series of training and professional growth programs.

Palantir is a strict meritocracy; we offer the opportunity to take responsibility over new projects as quickly as you can handle them. After mastering many different skillsets, you have free reign to create and to manage your own projects. Unlike traditional operations roles, our Finance Operations Analysts are exposed to hard problems spanning several different financial verticals, making for an exciting, unique, and educational professional experience.

Palantir’s Fin-Ops team is enthusiastic, fun, and tight-knit. We execute in a project-based environment with collaboration at every turn. We aren’t interested in keeping our heads down and entering data—we are passionate about improving how we work every day. We identify problems, old and new, create solutions, and implement them. We’re building the necessary systems to scale Palantir as a company, and our impact is visible throughout the business.




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