Software Engineer (Internal Applications), Internship

Being a member of Palantir's Engineering department is an experience unlike any other. Our home is a true startup: the intersection between efficiency and ingenuity where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact.

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A world-changing company

At Palantir, we develop the world’s leading products for data analysis and we deploy them against problems that truly matter—uncovering human trafficking rings, containing the spread of infectious diseases, combating fraud, stopping cyber attacks, protecting privacy and civil liberties, prosecuting complex financial crimes, providing relief to victims of natural disasters, and more.

Sound exciting? We think so, too.

The Internal Applications team

Being a member of Internal Applications is about solving problems for a scaling company. With our accumulated experience and insight across a myriad of technologies, our team shapes a suite of internal products that have a profound effect on the success of our teams. We anticipate the needs of Palantir, solve emerging problems, and collaborate with our core teams to turn abstract goals into reality. This means being deeply involved in the creation of custom internal applications as well as bending third party products to our will. We own projects from beginning to end, see our work shift often, and relish in seeing our efforts immediately impact Palantir.

Internal Applications Engineer

Our apps make Palantir more efficient and better-connected, and are critical to every team’s success. It’s on the Internal Applications Engineers to decide how best to solve the problems laid out in front of them. This role is for a builder – someone who can learn what our teams need, architect an app, design the interface, make the backend fast, and the code interoperable. They love working with users and owning the solution from the ideas-on-napkins phase all the way to deployment.

Technologies we use

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