Palantir Cycle Engineer

Being a member of Palantir's Engineering department is an experience unlike any other. Our home is a true startup: the intersection between efficiency and ingenuity where every voice is heard, every idea is considered, and every member makes a tangible impact.

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Palantir Cycle is a year-long program designed to give new hires exposure to the diverse range of engineering experiences available at Palantir. Palantir Cycle is open to all applicants, both recent graduates and those coming from industry. Participants get the chance to work on projects in the field and at company headquarters, with real-world customers and fellow Palantirians, all while finding the right fit for their particular skills at Palantir.

Over the course of the year, Cyclers will complete projects end-to-end on four different teams. The problems are diverse and the impact is real‹ projects range from improving search perf to to writing a plug-in for a particular customer to building an internal photo-sharing application. One cycle could be spent entirely in Java, the next using HTML5, Coffeescript, and less. Backgrounds aside, Cyclers will be exposed to a wide variety of coding and scripting languages, and will interact with both open source and homegrown projects.

The rotation schedule is flexible, and is tailored to the skills and interests of those in the program as well as the needs of teams on the rotation. Each engineer will start the Cycle program working with the Palantir team that most closely aligns with his or her background and interests­their Mentor team. Mentorship is central to the programwhether they are embedded with the Forward Deployed Engineering, Software Engineering (Front End or Back End), Quality Engineering, or Internal Tools teams, all Cyclers receive close guidance on their projects and their development. Throughout, they can look to their Mentor team for general advice. At the end of program, Cyclers work with their mentors to join a team full-time.


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