Forward Deployed Security Engineer

We provide the comfort of a safe workplace without sacrificing our culture.Diversity in talent keeps us running. Our team has engineers, analysts and people who do just a little bit of everything. The unifying philosophy:Safeguarding Palantir's future without impeding its present. When the job is done right, no one knows we did it at all.

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Our Information Security team is responsible for the security of Palantir's people and infrastructure around the globe. As a member of the Information Security team, your technical expertise is second only to your professionalism and passion for security and technology in general. You're a highly motivated team player that thrives on solving problems and tackling new challenges.

Our Forward Deployed Security Engineers are comprehensive experts in protecting information. We are responsible for protecting not only Palantir but also its customers. We ensure the success of our deployments by working with the customer throughout the entire security life cycle and tackle difficult technical problems. With our accumulated experience, we anticipate and respond to security breaches by building tools and investigating information.

We are integral to protecting Palantir and its deployments. With our technical expertise and experience, we build tools and perform analysis to help Palantir secure its internal network and protect itself from threats. We also forward deploy to customer environments to respond to critical incidents, advise customers on their security infrastructure, and support our Palantir Cyber deployments on the ground.



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