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We are composed of technical people doing technical work, software engineers who establish natural rapport before discussing solutions and pounding the keyboard, analysts who can tweak servers, and communicators who listen. Our goal is to implement our platform where people need it, without a surplus of jargon. We don’t do business as usual; we do business as Palantir.

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“Palantir Technologies will not help you share, message, pin, post or chat. It does not exist to make you more social or connected, or even to help advertisers get to you. Its technology is deeply geeky, its work secretive. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most valuable private tech companies in Silicon Valley.” - New York Times, May 2014

Palantir transforms the way the world’s most important institutions use data to solve their toughest problems. We have helped European authorities shut down child pornography rings, US special operations fight terrorist networks, hedge funds prevent insider trading, and biomedical researchers search for the next life-saving therapy. Are you ready to commit yourself to the tough, rewarding job of scaling Silicon Valley’s most mission-driven company through hypergrowth?

What we do: Palantir has limitless opportunities for growth; our team exists to remove all obstacles to that growth. We analyze these obstacles, solve them, and ensure that they don’t happen again.

We work with leaders across the company on an unmatched diversity of problems. We might be working with engineers to prioritize product features for billion-dollar deployments one month, helping business leaders think through realigning our organizational structure the following, and directly supporting customers as they analyze data using Palantir’s software the next. No two days are the same.

What you will experience: You will be responsible for leading entire projects and owning their outcomes from start to finish. You will need to be innovative, self-motivated, collaborative, and capable of dealing with complex interpersonal dynamics. You will need to bring your qualitative and quantitative analytical skills to the fore as you drive outcomes within Palantir’s contrarian culture. We’re not looking for strategists who just want to make PPTs. Strategy is important but means nothing without execution.

You will be a part of a team of talented individuals who are just as passionate about supporting one another as they are about Palantir’s mission. We operate in a high accountability, high expectation, iron-sharpens-iron environment where the goal is always to produce the best solution. Honesty and willingness to accept feedback are critical.



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