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Forward Deployed Software Engineer: Los Angeles

We are composed of technical people doing technical work, software engineers who establish natural rapport before discussing solutions and pounding the keyboard, analysts who can tweak servers, and communicators who listen. Our goal is to implement our platform where people need it, without a surplus of jargon. We don’t do business as usual; we do business as Palantir.

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You are a highly skilled software developer who can face down every technical challenge on the front lines of a project as rapidly as they surface, all with a smile on your face. Prototyping, systems development, integration, data massaging, and the ability to deal with customer specific use-cases come as naturally to you as the fundamentals of Computer Science. You dive into complicated programming tasks on your own because letting them sit unfinished would bore you to the point of madness. You pick up books, pursue technical challenges, and work to expand your prowess for the same reason. Additionally, your customer-facing skills are solid. You’re conversational, confident, and articulate.

Palantir is not a systems integration firm; we’re a product company, which means that we’re not tracking our hours at the client site to make sure we’re profitable. We solve big problems, so we’re not worried about your billability; rather, we’re focused on your ability. Our team puts in the time to get the job done and we know when it’s time to decompress. We encourage our team towards technical strength, efficiency, and fun.



* Cleared and Un-cleared Opportunities available

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