International Compliance and Trade Ninja

If you have a deep desire to safeguard our company, believe legal is a value-add, and want to help us successfully scale the business, you may have just what it takes to be part of the Legal Ninja team.

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A modern international business faces a complex array of compliance challenges. The laws and regulations of multiple countries and multiple authorities within each country can create a tangle of requirements to decipher, interpret, and follow. Palantir moves quickly—rapid expansion, iterative product development, and ambitious entry into new markets. Sometimes our course is charted; sometimes we create the map as we go.

You want to conquer this array of challenges. You want to create and expand. You want to innovate and disrupt. You want to enable an ambitious and motivated company of thinkers dedicated to tackling the world’s hardest problems, across borders and across industries. You want to guide your colleagues through the thickest jungle of requirements the world can throw at them. You want to help a cutting-edge software company develop and implement the world’s best program to smoothly and thoroughly meet and exceed its compliance obligations. You are Palantir’s International Compliance & Trade Ninja.

You are familiar with this challenge because you are already a compliance professional, and you understand that these requirements serve useful purposes—purposes you support. You believe terrorist networks and the entities that support them should not receive funding or access to sensitive technologies. You believe corruption is a public cancer wherever it takes root, and no company should ever gain a business advantage by bribing public officials. You believe each individual’s health information is private and should be handled with the greatest of care. But you also know that it is not enough for an enterprise to just “support" these goals—it must actively promote these goals through a vigorous compliance program, with screening, training, and structural safeguards to help the enterprise follow through with its commitment.

Palantir’s ICT Ninja—though not necessarily a lawyer—will be a member of Palantir’s Legal Ninja team, dedicated to crafting elegant solutions to complex problems for a company which is itself dedicated to deploying sophisticated software around the world to solve the problems that matter most.


The ICT Ninja will:


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