Visual Designer Intern, Palo Alto

We draw a lot, and we write a lot. We prototype with paper and Sharpies, Javascript, After Effects, and Keynote. We visit our users, listen, investigate, learn, and ideate. We rigorously share and promote our ideas, and constantly incorporate feedback and critique.

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A world-changing company

Palantir is a place where designers spend their days working on problems that matter. In our short history, we've empowered scientists monitoring the environment, prevented the spread of disease, taken down human trafficking networks, helped homeowners avoid foreclosure, prevented fraud in Medicare, and helped governments save billions.

Sound exciting? We think so.

The Product Design team

We design the futuristic and visionary software from science fiction cinema — except ours is real, and is used to solve the world's most complex information problems. Our team's work has a profound impact across the company: we work on every feature and every interface that users touch — for desktop, mobile, and web. The design team is highly valued in the company for our vision, our ability to learn and adapt, and our creativity and inventiveness.

The visual designer

Enterprise software should be beautiful and compelling. We are helping to bring a new level of quality to people who have never had access to well-designed software at work: scientists, relief workers, civil servants, healthcare workers, and homicide detectives, just to name a few. Visual Designers have the space and the freedom to think deeply and holistically about the visual languages we use. We pay critical attention to typographic hierarchies, readability, space, color, tone, and balance.

A great Visual Designer knows that form informs function and usability — that the surface layer doesn't exist in a vacuum — and that means the partnership with the Product Designer is a two-way conversation. We believe it is often important to have an owner for each of these facets. Dedicated roles help us ensure that we can meet the high bar of quality we’ve set for ourselves. Visual Designers own the look and feel of our products; together with Product Designers, User Researchers, and Product Engineers, we refine and evolve the quality of all Palantir software.

What we value

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