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Unemployment Rate and Stock Market Returns

The unemployment rate is generally considered to be a lagging countercyclical economic indicator. To better understand this indicator, we are going to use Palantir Finance to recreate a study by the CXO Advisory Group that analyzes the relationship between changes in the unemployment rate and the future returns of the S&P 500. This workflow assumes [...]

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Researching Pairs Trades Using Regression

Pairs trading is a popular strategy used by many asset management firms where the firm goes long one security, and short another.  In this video, we will use Palantir to analyze a strategy of trading one gold ETF off of another (GLD and GDX).   GLD is the ETF that tracks the spot price of [...]

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Studying Nonfinancial Data in Palantir

While Palantir was developed with financial analysis in mind, its tools are data agnostic and can be applied to any data source.  In the study below, we import climate data from the website and perform a quick analysis of trends in average monthly air temperature over the past several centuries. This video is best [...]

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Portfolio Analysis

When a fund manager makes a portfolio, he has ideas about individual positions and why he put those positions on.   But although each position may make sense by itself, the portfolio as a whole could be over-exposed to certain factors that the manager is not aware of. The portfolio below is a sample fund portfolio [...]

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