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Time at Palantir is time spent applying your knowledge against real world problems, shaping our company, and learning from those around you.

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Intern Experiences

Find out why people love interning at Palantir

Andreja Kogovsek Philanthropic Engineer

  • Andreja mentioned an interest in Palantir’s philanthropic work during her interviews, so she was thrilled to be placed on the Philanthropy Engineering team for her internship. Andreja was able to work on a variety of different projects during her time in Palo Alto. She modeled and integrated data for an organization dedicated to connecting war veterans to social services. She configured Access Control Lists to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized use. And she was able to do front-end development work in support of humanitarian relief, global health, and disaster response missions.

    “I was able to contribute positively to the company and hopefully touched the lives of many people through their philanthropic work, which is far more than I initially expected from an internship. I got a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with great people and grow as a computer scientist and as a person, for which I am very grateful.”

Max Kolysh Forward Deployed Engineer

  • As a Forward Deployed Engineering intern working with customers in the Federal Government, Max built an improved version of Palantir Gotham’s federated search service that made performing common use cases faster and easier. “This summer I prototyped a technology that expands the capability of one of Palantir’s data storage platforms for analysis. I knew I was a trusted member of the team when my co-intern and I were given the task to architect this product from start to finish, yet no one batted an eyelash if a Nerf gun fight erupted during the workday.

    “Initially I was drawn to Palantir because of its reputation of having the toughest interviews, but I continue to be drawn to Palantir because of its culture and mission. I get to work with some of the smartest people in the world and everyone is friendly and accessible. Building a product that you know is saving lives is also very fulfilling.”

Peggi Li Product Support Engineer

  • Over the course of her summer, in addition to problem solving as a Product Support Engineer, Peggy worked with the internal finance team to integrate their data into Palantir Metropolis for more robust analysis. She wrote a Python program to ingest excel files with various sheets and lots of data. The program parsed this data intelligently and securely, making it easy for users to access the information and collaborate in their analysis. She designed the solution to be generalizable, so it can be easily deployed to external customers facing the same challenge.

    “As a member of the product support team, one of the things I loved most about the role was the day-to-day variety. I was able to handle tickets, which were all very different, and work on my project, which gave me a chance to alternate between various projects and tasks. I got to learn more about different aspects of the product, and I feel like I’m a better developer overall.”

Internship Perks

  • Hot Wheels

    If you’re in Palo Alto for the summer, you won’t have to worry about getting around. We provide interns with a bike (and helmet) to use for the summer to get to and from the office.

  • House Hunters

    Our team will help you find housing for the summer, and match you with potential roommates. We believe the Palantir community should go beyond the office walls.

  • Event-Driven

    Each intern class is a close-knit group of people who work hard, and have fun together. We host a number of intern-only events to help you get to know each other.

  • Full-time, all the time

    In addition to the perks we provide for interns, you’ll have access to all the full-time fun, too.

Open Internship Roles

If you are driven by your own high standards, believe that good ideas have nothing to do with titles, and are always looking for a better way—we’re looking for you. We're currently hiring for Summer 2016.