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Getting Hired

Work with us. At Palantir we invent and deploy software platforms that let people analyze their own data more easily and thoroughly than ever before. This approach takes dexterity across technology, people and processes—an extraordinarily rare set of skills that we make a priority of hiring and cultivating.

How to Get Ready for

Our culture is important to us, so we're careful to make sure that the fit is right on both sides. We want to learn about who you really are. We promise if you bring your real self, we'll do the same.

And we want you to succeed. That's why we've written about the technical side of our interviews in these blog posts.

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Tie optional

We love engineers, but we love smartness of every kind. Even if you've never coded a day in your life, Palantir could be the right place for you. Check out all of our open positions »

The Coding Interview

Code is our lifeblood at Palantir. So it's no surprise that coding ability is what we stress the most in our interview process.
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How to Rock a Systems Design Interview

A systems designer has to face abstract complexity head on. The more you can handle, the better.
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How to Rock an Algorithms Interview

This is what we're looking for when we ask you to design an algorithm to solve a problem.
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The UI Design Interview

Are you a front-end developer with UI design chops? Find out what we're looking for.
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How to Rock a Developer Phone Interview

This advice does you no good if you don’t make it past the first hurdle: the phone interview. Find out how.
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A crash course in what we make

Palantir offers two full-featured platforms, Gotham and Metropolis, with a broad range of applications across industries.

The Palantir Philosophy: What We Believe

Demo our products

Make sure to get some hands-on experience with these product demos before your interview.

The interview process

Across all of our teams, the interview process starts with one or two phone interviews. These calls are conversational and typically last twenty to forty-five minutes, with a focus on your prior experiences, domain knowledge and personal interest in Palantir.

Engineering interviews tend to include technical questions about data structures, algorithms and software engineering. We leave time in every phone interview for candidates to ask questions.


Phone interviews are a chance for us to get to know you


Visit one of our offices to meet the team face to face


Don't be surprised if a tricky
question comes up

Meeting our team

If the phone interviews go well, it's time to come to Palo Alto and meet our team. If you're coming from far away, don't worry; we'll coordinate all aspects of your trip.


What not to wear

We're a laid-back company and Palo Alto is warm and sunny, so leave the suit, tie or heels in your closet and wear something comfortable. We focus on you, not your apparel.