GovCon UK II

Palantir Technologies builds software platforms that enable our customers to solve their most challenging analytical and operational problems. Our software reduces the friction between customers and massive amounts of data, creates a secure environment for collaboration, and provides agility for constantly evolving analytical problems. Palantir’s software is currently deployed at many of the most critical public institutions, private enterprises, and non-profit organisations in the world. We are rapidly expanding our customer base and engineering footprint in Europe as we continue to invest in building the best analytical platform.

We are excited to share some of our latest innovations and successes in the field with you at our second conference in the UK – GovConUK 2. You will be able to see how Palantir’s state-of-the-art technology is impacting an ever-growing set of industries, including Defence, Intelligence and Law Enforcement. Join us to learn more about how Palantir can help your organisation use the power of secure, collaborative data analysis to solve many of the hardest problems facing the world today.

  • Hear from Team Rubicon co-founder Jacob Wood about the life-saving disaster recovery work his organisation is able to carry out using Palantir across the world
  • Listen to Sergeant Pete Jackson share how the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has partnered with Palantir to address the challenges of intelligence, law enforcement operations, and next generation policing.

Additional presentations from Palantir engineers and customers will demonstrate how we are helping organizations:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Download the Conference Programme Guide here [PDF]