“Cybersecurity can be a complex and confusing domain, especially at large organizations. Building a capability that simplifies decisions and understanding for some of the most important organizations in the world has been a rewarding challenge.”
Sam, Deployment Strategist

Quantifying the risk of cyber attacks

When one of the country’s largest organizations suffered a major breach—millions of records, stolen and posted for sale in the black market—they called Palantir to help them contain the damage. By the next morning, our team was in place. Within three days, we identified never-before-seen malware that had been lurking on the organization’s system for months.

Once we removed the immediate threat, we began assessing the breadth of the damage. After just six days of investigation, we had computed the total risk faced by the organization, a process that normally takes months. Our team conducted a complete post-mortem of the breach, identifying the novelty and nature of the malware, the extent of the damage, and the duration of the attack. Our partner relied on our technical findings to inform their public reports on the breach.

But stopping the breach was just the beginning. By containing the damage, we earned our customer’s trust, and now our team works closely with the organization’s security executives to help them reimagine their approach to cybersecurity. Our work is laying the foundation for stronger, multi-layered defense mechanisms to protect against future attacks.

We’ve built a framework that maps the organization’s entire security environment—assessing and quantifying cyber risk across the network, simulating attacks, and detecting high-risk behavior—and offers unprecedented insight into their cyber defenses at every level. Palantir allows analysts to triage and investigate individual events and executives to evaluate overall network risk in a unified, macro-level dashboard. Machine learning models ensure that the system continues to evolve as users feed knowledge back into the platform.

To respond to a type of breach we’d never seen before, we had to deploy new tools. Now, we’re deploying these systems for other customers, helping to reinforce cyber defenses across industries and sectors. Palantir is leading the charge to move beyond simple signature-based approaches and one-size-fits-all models, developing technology that allows organizations to protect themselves in a constantly changing cyber environment.

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