Map Layers

The Map Layers application is a powerful and versatile tool for annotating the Map, giving you the power to import, overlay, and analyze external map data. Map layers can be derived from Google Earth KMZ files, GPS exchange files, or Shapefiles. You can stack multiple layers and toggle them on and off. Layers can be [...]

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The Heatmap helper, specific to the Map application, lets you overlay a heatmap representing a density you have configured, directly onto the Map. One very simple example would be viewing the population density in a neighborhood based on number of residents. You can also use the Heatmap helper to configure more complex densities based on [...]

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The Map application displays geotagged objects from your investigation on a map of the earth, which can then be manipulated, layered, and configured to analyze and present your data geographically. You may either move objects already contained in your investigation onto the map, or use the map itself to perform geographical searches of your data [...]

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