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The Graph application helps you visualize the objects in your investigation by plotting each one as a separate point on the graph and displaying any known connections between each object. Simply dragging a line between two objects on the graph creates a new association between those two objects. For example, a link between two objects could represent a shared property, personal relationship, or mutual participation in an event. Thus, the Graph application allows you to perform a powerful link-based analysis of those objects already in your investigation.

An equally significant feature of the Graph application is its ability to perform powerful link-based searches of the underlying data repository from the objects already in your investigation and on the graph. This allows you to find other relevant objects then bring them onto the graph and into your investigation. You can also use persistent filters to add new content to graphs, and to hide or reveal existing content.

When you want to analyze your objects visually, or search the objects in your database in terms of their relationships to each other, the Graph is an invaluable tool.