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The Map application displays geotagged objects from your investigation on a map of the earth, which can then be manipulated, layered, and configured to analyze and present your data geographically. You may either move objects already contained in your investigation onto the map, or use the map itself to perform geographical searches of your data repository and bring the resulting objects into your investigation.

Much of the power of the Map application is delivered by its helpers: You can use the Map’s Options helper to hide and reveal different types of objects and properties that have been added to a map, the Filters helper to hide or reveal specific objects and properties based upon sophisticated selection criteria, the Heatmap helper to visualize simple densities such as object count, or more complex statistical information derived from object properties, and the Layers helper to display geographic points, lines, or polygon shapes, along with associated metadata, over your map view.

When you need to search and analyze your data based on geographic criteria, the Map application and its array of helpers are exactly what you need.