Life At Palantir

With a combination of perks, benefits, social activities, and learning opportunities, we invest every day in our most important asset: our people.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Our environment is designed to make work energizing and to stimulate the best thinking. We have no set hours—as long as your work is getting done, you're free to work whatever schedule suits you. Some folks come in during "normal business" hours and head home for dinner with their families; others spend 16 hours a day at the office—not because they're working that whole time, but because the office is a great place to be. We don’t even track vacation time, you just take what you need.

Making Life Fun

We have dedicated media rooms with TVs and projectors for catching the game, watching a movie, or playing multiplayer video games.

We have organized games of pickup basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee, and we field teams in local basketball leagues. In Palo Alto, our cyclists enjoy miles of great biking routes, including Old La Honda, a locally famous climb.

You will frequently find people playing Turbo Hearts, Settlers of Catan, or Axis & Allies. The Group Therapy Club has a weekly wine tasting, often mashed up with charcuterie and cheese tastings. There's a group of coffee enthusiasts who like to roast and brew amazing coffee in one of our mini-kitchens. The list goes on!

Making Life Easy

Focus on what matters: Palantir provides a variety of perks that help us focus on the mission by promoting productivity and freeing up time at and away from the office.

Good grub: At Palantir, you will never be hungry. Chefs craft weekly menus consisting of organic and local foods, and we serve three meals a day. Family, friends, and guests are always welcome, and to-go boxes are always available.

No sweat: We offer a discounted rates for local gyms to all Palantirians and family members, as well as a wellness subsidy. We have a small gym and showers on-site, and provide organized yoga classes, on-site haircuts, a doctor, a chiropractor, massages, laundry, and dry cleaning.