Philanthropy Engineering

Our Philanthropy Engineering team applies Palantir’s people, products, and resources—always at a deep discount and often for free—to support initiatives and organizations dedicated to improving and saving human lives.

Why Are We Needed?

These organizations are working on many of the world’s hardest problems: creating slavery-free supply chains, addressing small-plot farmer food security, improving global health and fighting disease outbreaks, providing humanitarian relief in the wake of natural disasters, and more. We help them revolutionize the way they use data in pursuit of their missions.

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Current Areas of Focus

Humanitarian Response

Between 2011 and 2012, 450 million people were affected by natural disaster, and more are now living in areas at risk of catastrophe than ever before.

Human Trafficking

With millions of victims trafficked each year, the silent epidemic of modern slavery has infiltrated communities around the world at a shocking scale.

Illicit Networks

A multi-billion-dollar global black market pumps tons of weapons and illicit goods into conflict zones and sanctioned states around the world.

Reintegrating Veterans

There are over 22 million U.S. veterans, 10% of whom fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and many of whom aren’t accessing the services they need.