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Talk to anyone who works at Palantir and you’ll understand our mission focus. When we talk about mission, we mean making the world a better place—helping our users solve their hardest, most pressing problems. This mission is what makes the opportunity to work at Palantir unique.


We’re here to help the world’s largest organizations solve their most challenging problems—a task much bigger than the code we write. Everything we do and every person here works towards that mission, from Customer Support to QA to Recruiting to Operations, from our CEO to our receptionist.

We change the world for the better by writing software—software that reveals intelligence hidden within hairy, complex systems—but the software is merely the means to our end of solving the world’s biggest problems.

Palantir’s current customers are a mix of government agencies, financial institutions and non-profits. Collectively, their impact on the world is so large it’s difficult to measure, and we’re proud that our work contributes to that impact.

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Our work helps save lives1, solve crimes2, protect civil liberties3, prevent disease4 and curb fraud5.

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    Using Palantir to Uncover Hidden Links in Missing
    and Exploited Children Cases

    At the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the integration of disparate data sources on the Palantir platform means faster, more successful investigations.
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    Palantir Mobile for Law Enforcement

    A true intelligence-led policing platform, Palantir Mobile provides crime-fighters with immediate, on-the-go tactical intelligence as they respond to critical developing incidences.
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    Enabling data analysis, defending civil liberties

    We create technology that reflects our commitment to protecting privacy and civil liberties.
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    Investigating an E. Coli Outbreak

    Public health analysts can use Palantir to trace illness outbreaks to their source.
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    Cleaning up money laundering

    Palantir helps intelligence analysts spot common mechanisms of credit card fraud, including money laundering within the PayPal payment system.
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At Palantir we care deeply about leaving the world in better shape than we found it.

We’re lucky to work on software that can provide immediate benefit against any sort of data problem, public or private. We’ve created an entire team dedicated to helping out non-profit organizations that have the mandate and the data to make a difference. Palantir donates software, consulting and funds to organizations working on problems that we think are important to solve.

Some of our philanthropic beneficiaries: