Integrate, manage, secure, and analyze all of your enterprise data.

How Does It Work?

Start with data from multiple sources

Organizations have data. Lots of it. Structured data like log files, spreadsheets, and tables. Unstructured data like emails, documents, images, and videos. This data is typically stored in disconnected systems, where it is rapidly diversifying in type, exponentially increasing in volume, and becoming more difficult to use every day.

The people who rely on this data don't think in terms of rows, columns, or raw text. They think in terms of their organization's mission and the challenges it faces. They need a way to ask questions about their data and receive answers in a language they understand. Enter Palantir Gotham.

Fuse the data into a human-centric model

Working closely with the customer, our engineers integrate and map all of the relevant source data—regardless of type or volume—into a single, coherent model.

As bits and bytes of data flow into the Palantir Gotham platform, they are transformed into meaningfully defined objects and relationships: people, places, things, events, and the connections between them.

Tag, secure, and track all the data

Once the model has been created, data flows continuously from its sources into the Palantir Gotham platform. Security rules are applied along the way, so data is only accessible to authorized users.

Any updates to the source data are pushed to the platform, and as users build their analyses, all their actions are automatically tracked, attributed, and stored.

Bring the data to life for human-driven analysis

Users interact with the data through a variety of integrated applications built on top of the Palantir Gotham platform. They can search across all of their data sources at once, visualize relationships, explore divergent hypotheses, discover unknown connections, bring hidden patterns to the surface, and share insights with their colleagues.

By reducing friction between users and their data, Palantir Gotham augments the intelligence of the entire enterprise.

Gotham In Action

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Response

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern United States, causing more than 250 deaths and $60 billion in damage. Team Rubicon and Direct Relief International are just two of the organizations that mobilized to respond, and we are honored to have supported their efforts.

Palantir Helps Sandy Relief