Integrate, manage, secure, and analyze all of your enterprise data.


On the front-end, Palantir Gotham provides a suite of integrated tools optimized for semantic, temporal, geospatial, and full-text analysis. Users can drag and drop data objects from one application to the next for a frictionless, multi-faceted analytic experience.


The Graph application provides a way to visually explore the semantic relationships between data objects. Objects are represented visually as networks of nodes and edges.

Filtering tools allow users to drill down on interesting objects. The Graph application includes a timeline for visualizing the sequencing of events and a time wheel to understand the periodicity and frequency of repeating events. An integrated histogram helps with selection and filtering of objects that have similar properties, like the same address, phone number, city, or domain name. The Graph application also includes a way to visualize how communications, payments, shipments, and other data move through a network.

Users can adjust the layout of nodes and edges on the Graph to visualize different network characteristics, like hierarchical relationships. A suite of presentation tools allows analysts to annotate and enhance their graphs for use in presentations.


The Map application delivers geospatial analytic capabilities. It combines the visualization of geo-located objects on a map with histogram, timeline and time wheel visualizations. A heatmap visualization illuminates the density of interesting objects on the map.

The imagery on the Map is fully pluggable, allowing users to switch between different sources of imagery, integrate private imagery, and create composite imagery sets that combine two or more sources of imagery.

KML and Shapefiles can be imported as independent map layers, and shapes contained in these layers can be used to select and filter objects that lie in a similar region (like a county, census plot, or state). Layers can be colored and labeled according to calculations performed on the data they contain.

Object Explorer

The Object Explorer application allows users to drill down on objects of interest within massive datasets. Powered by Palantir's Horizon technology, the Object Explorer enables analysts to define and apply a sequence of filters over billions of data objects to arrive at interesting sub-sets of data for further analysis in other Palantir Gotham applications, like the Graph or Map.


Users can view and apply structure to unstructured documents within the Browser application. As they read raw text, users can "tag" particular words, thereby associating a document with a particular object or objects in the Dynamic Ontology and making this data available for analysis in other Palantir Gotham applications.


Palantir Mobile extends the reach of Palantir Gotham into the field for real-time, distributed operations that require collaboration and data collection in highly fluid situations, like post-disaster humanitarian response and coordinated law enforcement operations. Available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, the Palantir Mobile client enables real-time coordination between field operators and users at base stations. Mobile users can file field reports, upload photos and video, track the location of their teammates, and search and explore data integrated into the Palantir Gotham platform.