Integrate, enrich, model, and analyze any kind of quantitative data.

How Does It Work?

It starts with all the data

The Palantir Metropolis platform is ideal for large-scale quantitative investigation. Palantir Metropolis integrates across multiple sources of data, bringing together disparate information into a unified quantitative analysis environment.

So far, we’ve found it’s perfect for tracking and analyzing insurance claims data, network traffic flow, and financial trading patterns, but the outcomes are endless.

Build models on models on models

Analysts begin to enrich their understanding of the data by building and performing computations over models with the help of a rich library of statistical and mathematical operators.

Simple models can serve as building blocks of more complex models—building out sophisticated analyses becomes a streamlined, modular process. Anything the analyst can imagine can be easily and quickly expressed.

Visualize the data from every angle

The Palantir Metropolis interactive user interface brings abstractions to life in the form of rich visualizations. Tables, scatter plots, and charts interact seamlessly to provide a holistic view of all integrated data of interest.

The visualizations update in real-time with the source data, so users always see the most accurate and current information at any given time.

Iterate on analysis to answer new questions

Because each new analysis raises as many questions as it answers, Palantir Metropolis is built for rapid iteration and collaboration.

Analysts can tweak their logic, test new hypotheses, and present new findings to decision-makers who review the analysis, update their priors, and ask new questions. The enterprise gets smarter, and the cycle continues.

Metropolis In Action

Delivering Care To The Most Vulnerable

Metropolis ingests terabytes of claims data from Fortune 500 payers to identify plan members in need of critical services like immunization and chronic disease screenings. End-to-end workflows in Palantir lead to direct action to connect these members intelligently with providers based on distance, barriers to service, and provider quality.

Palantir Helps Deliver Care