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Philanthropy Engineering

Palantir's Philanthropy Engineering team partners with organizations around the globe to address some of humanity's toughest problems. We provide non-profit organizations and academic institutions with our powerful analytic software and engineering expertise so that they can tackle critical human-interest challenges—from natural disasters and global conflicts to disease outbreaks and human trafficking.
Palantir Philanthropy Engineering in 2013

Privacy and civil liberties

We build products for users who require both fluid access to information and carefully crafted safeguards that protect privacy and civil liberties. In our philanthropic work, as elsewhere, we take great pride and care in building features and implementing data handling practices that protect data, especially those relating to vulnerable populations.

Your data, our technology

We collaborate with organizations that want to use their own data more efficiently and effectively. We do not provide or keep customer data. We supply the technology and engineering expertise they need to make better use of it themselves.


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