Philanthropy Engineering
2015 Annual Impact Report

Humanitarian Assistance

Over the past year, 6.5 million Syrian citizens have been internally displaced by violence, 4.2 million have fled the country, and 13.5 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. With rapidly changing front lines and military alliances in Syria, the United Nations and other major NGOs have limited signal on ways to support these vulnerable populations.

Since 2014, we’ve been working with the Carter Center to drive impact from their database on the Syrian conflict. Before Palantir, turning millions of pieces of raw data into actionable insights was painstaking, time-consuming, and often impossible for non-specialists.

This year, we integrated data on areas of control, thousands of armed group formations, and tens of thousands of discrete conflict events to release a public-facing interactive map of current areas of control. We also deployed an early warning system to identify areas at risk of future conflict. With the Carter Center, we’re flagging risks in real time, anticipating escalating violence, and facilitating secure data sharing and collaboration — so that our humanitarian partners can improve lives on the ground.

“This is some of the most informed and accurate, updated and detailed analysis I have seen on the concrete developments on the ground in Syria.”

– Former Danish Ambassador to Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan

Forced Labor

Millions of victims of forced labor around the world are hidden behind complex networks of labor suppliers, recruiters, and brokers in large corporate supply chains. With a centralized platform to untangle the webs of data surrounding these networks, multinational companies can better understand the risks in their own labor supply chain.

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